Learn how to master your brew

Home Brewing

Learn how to be a home barista! Choose a method of manual brewing from pour-over, chemex, aeropress, syphon, french press, ‘Bialetti’ style moka stove pot. Practical advice and instruction to improve your coffee making skills.

Roasting Demonstration

Our Head Roaster will take you through a journey from green bean through the roasting process with explanation of the philosophy, equipment, techniques, and the resulting roasted beans.


Be a sensory judge and experience the industries standardized technique for evaluating a coffees quality and characteristics and scores.

Espresso Intro

A simplified entry into espresso. It’s a complicated subject, with techniques and adjustments that take time to master. This workshop is an introduction to the basics of the theory and the practical use of the espresso machine and grinder to optimize the extracted shot.

Milk and Latte Art

Learn how to correctly steam milk to texturize, sweeten, stretch, and then pour to create simple and more advanced latte art.

Join Us!

Each workshop is 2 hours long and cost Rp. 450.000 per person attending the worskhop. For reservation please contact

Each workshop aims to be practical and informative to help increase attendees knowledge and appreciation of coffee.

Each workshop must be RSVP 48 hours in advance.

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