A new coffee ‘coffee table’ book written by Rodney Glick and Michelle Anindya, both provocative actors inside Indonesia’s coffee scene. “BALI COFFEE: ORIGIN’S NEW WAVE” explores coffee’s dynamic energy on the Island of the Gods, where Bali’s rich cultural imagery is intertwined with contemporary Origin coffee stories.

An Origin is a place where coffee is grown and stories unfold. Exciting changes are happening at Origin. Big ones, and rapidly. Coffee growing countries are embracing a newfound energy and everyone wants to ride coffee Origin’s new wave.

Discover Bali’s growing coffee scene by diving into its agricultural richness. Investigate how coffee’s International 3rd Wave is now Origin’s New Wave. Explore local farming and experimental processing methods. Delve into the background behind Indonesia’s first coffee flavor wheel. Learn practical home brewing and roasting techniques, linked with the intergenerational journey of a Balinese coffee family.

This is an island where Origin is tangible, the source is close to home, and the farmer might even be related. Bali Coffee: Origin’s New Wave is a story about Bali, a story about coffee, and a story about the spaces between.

In this 260-page coffee table book featuring photography by some of the country’s most talented photographers, authors Glick and Anindya present a revolutionary overview of coffee’s Origin Zeitgeist.


Rodney Glick is Director of Coffee at leading Indonesian specialty coffee brand Seniman Industries, Co-founder of coffee processor Karana Spesialis Kopi, and initiator of Roda Rasa Kopi Indonesia, the nation’s first coffee flavor wheel. He is also a coffee theorist, licensed Q Grader, and internationally acclaimed contemporary artist

Michelle Anindya completed her degree in cultural studies in San Francisco, USA. She was instrumental in researching Roda Rasa Kopi Indonesia, developing the Roda Rasa Kopi Indonesia smartphone app, and creating the Indonesian Sensory Lexicon and accompanying aroma kit. Michelle is editor of online coffee magazine Singalong, and contributes to international coffee publications.

About the Book

23 x 31 x 3 cm (Portrait)
260 pages
1.3 kg
October 2021
ISBN: 978-602-6990-65-5
Authors: Rodney A. Glick and Michelle Anindya
Owner: Seniman Coffee Ubud
Producer: Afterhours Book, Jakarta

Price: IDR 660,000

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