Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Place an order at our online shop

Q: Who can I contact for queries with my order?

A: Email our support team where we will reply promptly with help. You can also chat live with one of our advisors via the Chat Module found on the eshop. We will get back to your query in real-time to help with your order. (Only available during working hours within Indonesia).

Q: When should I expect my shipment to arrive within Indonesia?

A: We use JNE for domestic shipping within Indonesia. From when the order is taken we have up to 3 days for payment processing then picking/ packing, then JNE service takes two to three days in Indonesia. Total time from online order approx. 5-6 days within Indonesia.

Q: Can I order from outside Indonesia for an International shipment?

Yes, we offer tailor made International shipping solutions. Use the eshop experience to choose your products to order, then when prompted during the ‘checkout’ select the ‘International Shipping’ button. Your request will then be emailed to a sales advisor who will contact you by email with a quote of shipping options. To process the order you will have to confirm the email quote and then transfer funds via PayPal. Once funds received we will complete your order and process the shipment along with sending you a tracking link to monitor the shipping.

Q: Who do I contact for missing packages?

A: If after 10 days your package has not arrived please contact and we will look into the courier tracking for you.

Q: How fresh is the coffee?

A: Our coffee is fresh roasted and then packaged into high quality coffee packaging to seal in the freshness.

Q: Whole beans or ground coffee?

A: To preserve the flavor, we recommend that you grind only the amount that you are about to brew into a drink. A bag of ground coffee will last a shorter period of time than a whole bean order. We can grind to order for a surcharge added to your bill.

Q: what grind size should I order?

The grind size is very important to specify based on how you plan to brew the coffee. Please use this guide when ordering;

Coarse – French press/ cafetiere
Medium – pour-over, Aeropress, automatic filter/ drip machines
Fine – Moka pot/ Bialleti/ stove top, Turkish, espresso machines

Q: What is the best way to store coffee?

A: Keep the coffee in a sealed bag at room temperature away from strong light, heat and smells. Don’t freeze or refrigerate the beans. We recommend buying an airtight container to store the open bag inside.

Q: Is there a return policy service?

A: unless extremely specific circumstance, we do not offer a return service. Queries can be sent and we will deal with your request individually.

Q: Do you offer wholesale solutions?

A: We offer wholesale services for HORECA clients, please see section on website LINK HERE. You can also